Our unsteady gravity

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This city is a place of twos

east and west,

before and after

free and enslaved.


the past is gone but two stories still echo

an ancient foundation of divides and merges

becoming one unsteady whole.


can two ever become one?

Adam could never reclaim his rib,

even when deep inside her, still

she was separate

her heart always a rebellious beat

(like the moon she twisted and turned

but never truly left)


heaven and earth, god and man, body and soul,

we divide, dreaming of union 

of the sighs, the ecstasy, 

of dissolving into one. 


(Still i hold tight to the piece of me

you cannot touch, cannot fathom,

in love with this binary, our unsteady gravity) 

Created: Apr 21, 2014

Tags: adam and eve, poetry, 2, non-fiction, binary

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