3over4's Music RE-RECs (April 20th, 2014)

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Hey everyone! Here are my music RE-RECs for April 20th, 2014!

1. "My Sweater Is Unravelling" by Traeidein

2. "Hydrodynamics" by tonguecutsparrow

3. "Deeper Exploration" by NOTaband 

4. "Predatory (LaraMinerva)" by LexiScherr    

     "Mary Sue (A creepy tune)" by LexiScherr    

     "DUET / THE NUMBER TWO" by LexiScherr

5. "Spring to" by KamPAIGN

6. "Weathered Sucker" by theboxsets

7. "UNTITLED" by TheBaerGypsy 

8. "In the Rain (With Robo J)" by The Morning Hollows    

    "December Eyes" by The Morning Hollows      

    "Go On" by The Morning Hollows

9. "Her Song" by spaceship

10. "Hang the Bottles Upside Down" by KevinMaistros

Have a great week! :-)



Created: Apr 21, 2014

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