to the sleepless nights

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*mind you, i wrote this a while ago - but it's been revised a little


i sleep best in a moving ve-hi-cle

they say (who the hell's they?) it's because of our subconscious memory of when we was fe-tus-es. 

curled up in our mother's womb, scrunched up in the backseat of our car. the umbilical cord is a little bit tangled, and our bodies interlace with the life-saving-restraining-device. the gurgling of the organs, the trembling of the engine; the wind is speeding past and the liquids - well, they're sloshing by. 

how similar it must seem.

to the unborn young and the underdeveloped adult.

maybe that's the case.

but really, it's the cognition and awareness of moving: the going-going-going, never stopping-stopping-stopping. the travelling to somewhere, leftrightnorthsouth, updowneastwest. and it's that constant and steady unknown that lulls me to sleep. the indefinite, the strange, the unexplored parts of the mind and of the road bums and of the cigarette bumps. 

it was just - that. 

the neurons firing out of brain and into my eyes and shooting down my arms and stabbing through my heart and rumbling throughout my entirety:

they remind me that i am in the abyss

that i am anywhere and everywhere

but here.

that's when i sleep best.


Created: Apr 21, 2014

Tags: sleep

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