Weekly Re-RECs (4/20)

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So many good things coming out of the collabs right now. I'm totally LOVING the dvd box-set spreads and pages I've been seeing.

Tons of awesome Conceptual Self-portraits from this week's RLP.

Beautiful additions to the You Got All You Need Collab so far, too!

I'm liking some of the theme ideas I've seen on the site, but one in particular stands out to me, personally. It's RE: Too Much Information, or TMI... This could get out-of-hand, but I'd love to see what embarrassing things we could share with eachother. I mean, all of my closest friends have been there to see me embarrass myself. 

I would type up more here, but I fear that I'll accidently backspace and lose EVERYTHING like last time... so just check out the resources below, and have a great week guys!

Created: Apr 20, 2014

Tags: re recs

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