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We're dual individuals. We live in a daily basis of making choices about this duals stuff.  Good, bad.  Hot, Cold.  Down, Up.  Love, Hate.  All right, I know you get a lot of these examples.  But, what about Light and darkness? It's not like the biggest one, or the best one but, I find one thing about this very interesting, actually.  Are these total antagonists?

Have you seen light's shadow?  Take a look at that (ugly) picture again.  There's a hand holding a folded piece of paper that is on fire.  Now, in the wall, you can see the hand's shadow, the folded paper's shadow but, can you see the fire's shadow? You can't.  All you might see is maybe the smoke's shadow but not in my picture.. Why?  This makes mi curious. And, well, yes, maybe there is a logical explanation, but with a naked eye, what is going on there?

Created: Apr 20, 2014


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