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What if...100 years in the future books/scrolls/newspapers were non-existant? I mean, it's already slowly happening around us. The only people you ever see reading a newspaper today are some of the older folks. 

A boy, let's call him Joe, about 18, has a deep interest in what life was like 100 years ago.... or today. His mother, father and sister don't really like talking about history at all... must be the WWIII that scares them so much. But Joe understands that the governement is shady and thinks they're hiding the truth about the shortage of fresh water. Luckily for Joe, he lives in a part of the world, where some families in the past hid time capsules and comes across on that changes his life forever.

(this is starting to sound more and more like a movie)

His findings leads to him to sharing to the information with everyone and building a rebel team fight the government. ( and this could be the end shot)

First thing I came up with ... I'll probably have some more ideas. 



Created: Apr 20, 2014

Tags: dystopia, city, future collaboration, night, poor, darkness, dystopic, future of humanity, future, request, white, black

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