Me and them

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Me and Them

Dialogue one when you are unemployed

Me: Oh hello again so nice to see you after all this time

Them: Oh yes I am delightful to see you also

Them: are you doing anything at the moment?

Me: no I am a victim of the global economic crisis

Them: maybe you should try harder

Dialogue two when you finally get a job

Me: oh how nice to see you again after all this time

Them: yes long time no see, how are you?

Me: oh I am fine I finally found a job

Them: you should be so excited you are not the president of a global company after all it’s just a job you know.

Dialogue three when you are single

Me: oh hello nice to see you again

Them: oh yeah hi

Me: how are you everything all right?

Them: fine I am married now, you?

Me: still single

Them: get married and soon the sooner the better

Dialogue four when you find someone

Me: hi nice to see you again

Them: oh yeah hi nice to see you too

Me: how are things?

Them: fine you?

Me: for me too also I finally found someone to share mi life with
Them: so what I have a child now, have a baby a soon as possible

Dialogue five when you have your first baby

Me: oh hi there nice to see you

Them hi how is it going?

Me: oh simply wonderful I am father of a baby girl

Them: don’t get too excited I have two boys

Dialogue six when you have a second child and it’s a boy

Me: oh hi how wonderful to see you again

Them: oh hello there I did not see at first, how is life this days?

Me: oh life could not have been better I am the proud father of a second child and it’s a boy this time

Them: so what mine have already finished high school and with top class marks best of their class

Dialogue seven when your children also finish high school with quite good marks

Me: oh hello there sir how nice to see you

Them: hi everything ok?

Me: oh yes my children are doing quite good in school

Them: o yes mine are in the university now and they got their degrees with honors

And so on and so on and so on

Whatever you do society question it criticizes it and diminishes it they are never happy with whatever you have achieved in life they will always find ways to minimize your efforts your goals everything succeeded in life, they will always compare with something that is higher in their small minimized world that they live in all these rules and regulations of what you should or should do, who made those rules who knows what is right or wrong for every single person why are they judges juries and executioners all in one?

What if a person dosent wants to get married?
What if a person can have children?
Why are boys in some cultures considered better than girls?
Why are people so stupid when there are so many interesting things out there?
There are miracles happening every day
Every breath you take is a small miracle
Live your life

Let me live mine


Created: Apr 20, 2014

Tags: theme, free-verse, dialogue, story

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