The Laws of Abel - Script

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The Laws of Abel


Wolf Beaumont


Director's 2nd Draft






Fade In.

A derelict location, surrounded by empty buildings, a large open space lies at the centre. SAM, 40 years old, ANNA, 35 years old and LAURA, 13 years old, appear in the distance.

Sam is pulling Anna along as he tries to run, Laura is not far behind, they look exhausted from running.

Laura stops for a moment to catch her breath, and is suddenly grabbed by 2 zombies from the bushes. Anna turns around for her and both parents witness the attack.

Anna starts screaming and howling with grief, as Sam drags her away. She begins fighting to free herself from his grasp.



No! Let me go, No! (Screams) Laura!



We can’t stop Anna, we can’t! We’ve got to get away!


They run on for a while longer, coming to a farm. Laura appears behind them, limping along. Covered in small wounds.



Mum!!! (She is crying as she shouts) Please mum, don’t leave me, please.


Anna hears Laura and breaks free of Sam.



(Screaming) Laura! No-no-no-no! My baby, no!


Anna runs towards Laura but stops when Laura throws up blood and falls to the ground. Anna goes to her knees in despair. Laura rolls around in pain, clutching her stomach.

Sam runs over to his wife. Laura looks at her arms as the black poison goes up them rapidly. She cries, knowing what is about to happen.

Laura grabs her head as lesions rapidly form and grow. She starts to scream in agony.

Sam buries his head in his wife's hair as he holds her, tears streaming down his face.

Laura falls to the ground dead. Her parents cry.

Suddenly Laura gets back up, her flesh fully transformed into that of a zombies.

Laura raises her head and dislocates her jaw, a terrifying howl coming out. In the distance there are several answering howls.

Anna sits there lifeless, staring at her daughter in horror. Sam starts dragging her away.

Behind Laura, Principal Zombie 1 appears and summons others with a call. A larger group of zombies start to appear, gathering behind their leader. They are fast.

Sam tries to lift Anna to her feet, but she is lifeless, refusing to move or stand. Sam stumbles as a result and they both fall to the ground. Laura reaches them and Anna, being the nearest victim, becomes her target. She climbs upon her mother, and begins to attack, ripping at Anna's shoulder with her teeth.

Anna screams and thrashes.



(Screaming) Sam!


Anna stretches out her arm, just like her daughter did, pleading with him. He looks at her with terror and grief. The moment holds, as Sam and Anna realise what he is about to do. Meanwhile the zombie group is almost upon them.

Sam gets to his feet and starts running, the group giving chase.

Fade Out.



Created: Apr 20, 2014

Tags: zombie apocalypse, script, short film

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