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 Hi, i'm a new on this site. And this is my thoughts about the future.

P.S.: sorry for my bad english. I hope you'll understand what i mean. 

 I think the technology of the future significantly facilitate and improve life. People no longer have to perform routine, hard and dirty work. From diseases that were previously considered fatal, find drugs. Blind people are finally able to see, deaf - to hear and speak, and confined to a wheelchair - walk.
People appear plenty of time to focus on yourself and their loved ones. They can to communicate more, travel and realize their wildest (in a good sense) ideas and desires. There will be new opportunities and resources for self-development: spiritual, mental, moral.
In the future a mankind finally will understand that the Earth needs in a protection and care too. They’ll learn as rationally to use Earth resources, and finding an alternative solution to the various problems.
But, everything what has plusses that has minuses too. Of course, there will be those who’ll want to use technologies for the sake of a profit and receiving the power, for the sake of control over people. These «characters» were, are and will be always. And it's sad. But, in my opinion, will be much sadder is a fact that people from all this technological grandeur can lose taste and interest to life. Machines will be everywhere: at home, at work, in a public place. It will carry out any whim of the man. Such as, for example, what to eat for breakfast today or what to wear on a date. And as people say: «laziness is the engine of progress». But in this case, it isn’t good.
So, if the machines and robots begin to think and decide for all the people what will be left to people themselves? Then to turn out that the animated film "WALL-E" is prophetical.
I think here it is important not to cross the line, which is easy to overlook.
As for the story, I have one thought. What if the story will be conducted on behalf of the favorite dog of the protagonist? As a result of the accident dog died, but thanks to nanotechnology gave him a second life. Now the main character carries it everywhere with her. Thus, he becomes the detached onlooker of all events which occur in her life.

Created: Apr 20, 2014

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