sing a song in silence [poem-a-day: #17]

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sometimes in life
the music stops –
and the echoing silence
off each hammering beat
of our heart.

we are left alone
or sitting
or lying
curled up like a child
wishing that clutching a stuffed bear to our chest
would ward off the evils,
that we would be safe.

when there seems to be nothing
but emptiness
even the chattering laughter
of the most well-intended friends
or the soft spoken words
attempting to console
feel like cotton in our ears –
muffled –
senseless –

when the music has stopped
and the echoing silence
has left you without a single note to cling to –

sing your own.

write your own song –
even if you’re singing alone
and off key
in the shower
where the water hides the tears
on your face.

even if the sound of the rain on your car
as you sit in rush hour traffic
for the 5th time this week
is the only beat you can find.

even if the whisper of wind
through your just-styled hair
whipping it out of its shape
is the only harmony to your words.


because your heart is made of vinyl
and there’s a needle in your mind
when the world is spinning you in circles –
it’s only being your turntable.

Created: Apr 20, 2014


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