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The Ballad Of Mollie The Secondhand Dollie (Song)

By TheLastDomino


UPDATE 6/1: Mollie has been given her second chance in the form of a possible community band performance at the premiere party for season 2!! Sooo MeganCarnes and I did a thing. Also, this announcement came exactly one year after the collab was first made official! Neat, eh??

UPDATE 4/12/15: My good friend and brand new RECorder, Rjak, just uploaded live footage of the song from TLD's tenth anniversary show, featuring his wife Heather as Mollie! CHECK IT.

UPDATE 11/23: The Shuttersmith is a BOSS. Video editors/animators/stock footage compilers: PLEASE collab with both her and Pamagotchi to produce a music vid in this new direction! Thanks for keeping Mollie alive, everyone!!

UPDATE 7/30: The HoA UK crew filmed some ridiculously awesome live-action footage. The Shuttersmith is working on animating it, so this is gonna take Mollie on a whole new adventure! Thank you all so much for this!! =)

UPDATE 7/18: A new request is up for female singers, drummers, and bassists to cement the foundation of the song. Gimme a C-O-N-and-a-TRIBUTE!!

UPDATE 5/30: MOLLIE IS NOW OFFICIAL (sans quotation marks)!!! Thanks to MattConley, edwardtheninth, and everyone who made this possible! I always knew Mollie had it in her. CONTRIBUTE, FOOL!! And stay tuned, because all of the different requests are still to come!

UPDATE 5/7: "Official" collaboration page HERE!

UPDATE 4/27: SHE'S ALIVE!!! Snowhite_B has created a look for Mollie. Very charming '40s Hollywood style. Snow also stemmed a nude doll here for REmixing! Let's get ANIMATED.

UPDATE 4/24: PontiusPython found some excellent creative commons footage of a doll circus! This is a great jumping-off point for video/animation ideas. Thanks, Candace! And a heartfelt thanks for everyone's contributions so far. Keep 'em comin'!!

UPDATE 4/22: Stems zip RECord here!

Not gonna lie...I think this song has MASSIVE collab potential.

The lyrics tell the story of Mollie - a doll who was once number one, but is now past her prime and has been replaced by a newer model. The overall theme is summed up the last few stanzas; the inevitability of becoming second-rate in a matter of a few ticks of the second hand. I'm picturing an All About Eve-influenced animated short/music vid to along with it.

First off, this needs a female singer to redo the vocals however she deems fit. Also brass, woodwinds, keys, percussion, guitars, basses, kazoos, etc. to add to the track, fill in the gaps, and especially to make that middle musical break EXPLODE in a sultry, burlesquey maelstrom of jazz. If anyone really wants to help me make this happen, I'd be more than ecstatic to zip up track stems, BPMs, a chord list, and whatever else you might need.

Thanks for listening, RECorders. I'm ridiculously proud of this one, and there's nowhere else I would want it to be.


I used to be, if I say so myself

The envy of all other dollies

Girls came in droves to grab me off the shelf

And put me in their parents' trolleys

I traveled the world; made its leaders my pals

And appeared in a few moving pictures

A beacon of class and a role model to gals

I was the perfect mixture

Soon I was paired up by marketing teams

With the tall, dark, handsome Victor®

He took me places of which I'd but dreamed

No wonder they called him an "action figure"

Not long after that, people turned and they flocked

To some little trollop named Carlie®

They pushed me aside and cast me to the dark

In a chest with the stickers and lollies

Now I gather dust in this secondhand shop

Girls pass by without a clue

And to the first choices all sitting on top:

The second hand's tickin' for you

The Ballad Of Mollie The Secondhand Dollie (Song)

Created: Apr 20, 2014

Tags: song, vocal, guitar, drums, band, request, saxophone, percussion, secondhand, used, new, dolly, dollies, toys, lyrics, hitrecord on tv, season 2, mollie the secondhand dollie, season two, re: the number two, re: the number 2, female singers, jazz, swing, burlesque, sultry

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