Observation in Transit

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Consider the spine stiff
sway of the subway
as it cuts through the city’s
belly or the subway cars

packed with people folding
in upon themselves, bodies
supple to movement,
as they try not

to touch. Bodies smell
like bodies and the underground –
dispersed layers of humidity
and vinegar. Wholly human.

Consider the platform. Men
and women impatiently toe
the edge and listen
for the first rumble. Consider

the ease, one step into air
then a drop or the conscious
decision to step back.
Consider the dark matter –

what isn’t there but still
rushes like puffs of air,
the subway’s breath, 
or the space between people

parting. Consider
the departed – a slide
of fingertips across a palm,
the ghost of a jacket settling

over shoulders – or the weight
of a book the sobbing woman
holds in her hands is more
than mass. It's expansive

Consider Euclid – non-existing
points can make a line
we all agree exists or a line
begins from a point that has no

part. Consider the you or the I.
Are we these points between
Earth and it's noun?
Elemental conditions.

Created: Apr 20, 2014

Tags: poetry

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