Darkness = Rebirth ?

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Without darkness there is no light. Without darkness there is no chance for change, a new beginning or light at the end of the tunnel.

When sitting in church tonight for the easter night, watching the easter candle flickering as the only light, I thought that darkness does not always mean depression, or fear or dark stuff.. it can also be a chance for new beginnings.

Sometimes we have to go through the darkest valleys to get to the light, walk through an endless tunnel to see the end, but without the darkness we have to cross, would we be able to value the light? Would we welcome it as much? And on the contrary, would we be able to cross the dark without the promising light in the end?

I think this could be a nice idea for a shortstory or even a tiny story, maybe you can make sth out of this? Looking forward to seeing the results!

Created: Apr 20, 2014


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