Good-Bye Tarot

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Good-Bye Tarot

by, Melissa R. Mendelson

They used to come to me often. I would have my Tarot cards ready, stretching out in a pattern across the floor. They would offer to pay, but I would always shake my head. The one thing that I wanted them to know and walk away with was, “The Future is never written in stone.”

I still get phone calls. They tell me excitedly that I was right, and I just smile and say, “That’s great, or good.” It’s not always good news. I still remember telling that poor girl that her grandmother died, and I was unfortunately right. The Future is never written in stone, but sometimes, it is.

There were times that I did readings on myself, and then the Death card came out. I grew ill in 2012, and that could’ve been it for me. But I’m still here, and after that experience, I packed my Tarot cards up and tucked them away. Maybe, the Future is never written in stone, but I for one no longer want to know.

Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: prose, non-fiction, story

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