You Create Your Own Future (Re: The Future)

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Self-fulfilling prophecy, yeah that's pretty much all I've got.

Just thought I'd throw out the idea that prophecies aren't actually realistic but instead just make you make decisions that support whatever it is you think is meant to happen to you and then you end up making it happen by yourself.

E.g. Your horoscope tells you you're going to meet a special someone this month so you leave the house more because you think it's going to happen and then you keep seeing the same, supposedly new but you've probably just not looked before, guy across the coffee shop so you think he must be the special someone and therefore you have to go up and introduce yourself and boom you've made yourself meet someone special and fulfilled your prophecy and created the future that you thought was meant to happen to, or predicted for, you. 

You create your own future.

Just food for thought/remixing.

Created: Apr 19, 2014


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