You're a Real Treat (Poem-a-day #18)

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You sure look yummy.
Mind if I take a bite?
Just one?
Or maybe two?
Or maybe every bit of you?
It will all be over real soon,
I promise.
You won’t even feel it,
If I devour you quick enough, that is.
And I better consume you
As fast as I can;
You’re already beginning
To melt in my hands.
Yes, I know that being eaten
Is one of your biggest fears,
But don’t worry;
You won’t even have to hear
Yourself screaming,
Cause I plan to start
With both of your ears.


Wishing all of you wonderful hitRECorders



Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: easter, chocolate, bunny, poem-a-day, treat, poetry, poem, food, holiday

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