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We keep talking about how technology will evolve and how it will affect us in the future, but as with darkness I believe that in order to realize the power of something, you have to put it in contrast with the lack of it.

So here are some ideas that came to me regarding this point of view:

Scenario 1

About 100 years on from now (maybe less) the world is pretty much controlled by technology. But not like robots replacing humans entirely. Just that the humanity is depending on technology for their well-being. They have lost sense of what it means to go a day without connecting to different outlets of technology to entertain themselves and learn. They constantly upload and download and everything around them is technologized. 

Until one day when everything crashes for one day only without any warning. 

We could focus this scenario on a family who deals with this crash differently depending on the age. (e.g. the parents try to come up with something their parents used to do before "all this tech", like playing a boardgame or reading a book, while their children deal with minor panic attacks trying to go through the day without technology, without staying connected with each other even if they live under the same roof. given that perhaps technology will be wireless...perhaps even screen-less, they will gesticulate through the air trying desperately to access all).

This could be narrowed down, of course, but it's just an idea.

Scenario 2

Again, somewhere within the next 100 years we can have a bit of a dysfunctional family with only a guy and his old father. Again, everything is depending on technology: knowledge, socializing, entertainment, etc. The guy must be in his 40s while his father, well over 90. They live together and the younger man goes on about his days in the same mechanical manner always complaining of something not working, of something being boring and less entertaining by the day. The father refuses to go with this "trend" and stays true to his conservative lifestyle.

So one Sunday morning while the son tries desperately to connect two gadgets in order to get his news, his father sparks up a conversation


"It would be so much easier for you to put that down and breathe a little."


"Dad, please, don't start with this again, you know I need to get the results asap."


"What would happen if you didn't?"


(screaming at his gadget) DAMN IT, MOVE! what a piece of crap...


(looks at him in pity)




"Just put that down, for an hour and let's have coffee together like we did..."


(finishing his sentence) in the old days...yeah yeah...I will, just give me one minute.


"One day you will learn..."


This is obviously just a rough idea of how I'd imagine the dialogue to go. Lots of room for improvement of course, but the basic idea is to raise the question of how technology affects the younger generation and which side is it better to be on: conservative like the father? or swallowed up by his technology like the son?

Created: Apr 19, 2014

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