The right time

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The voices and the lights

The city and the streets

The echoes and the bees

The people and the loneliness

The rich and poor

The right and the wrong

The believers and the atheist

The women and the men

The prayers and the spells

The elevator and the stairs

The voices and the feelings

That fills your head through the sealing of the roof

And goes out into the night sky until the end of the horizon

The emotions that are mixed with results and political and economical cots

The sadness

The happiness

The movement of the planets

The waters that are so deep you can reach the bottom of the sea

The open skies above

Something that she said that made you cries at night

Something that she did that made you smile

All this are adding up inside you

And then you find a way to express them

Then you sit down and type it a piece of paper

Hopping that some else out there will fill the same way about you

That’s when you press the red button






Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: theme, poetry, free-verse

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