Tiny robot

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I've made this a couple of years ago but didn't know that to do with it until today when the theme RE : The future appeared on my screen.

What if in the future instead of having pets we all had a tiny robot to keep us company ? Everybody could build his own with cheap materials like wire, coins, screws, pieces of metal of all kind... and then just add a small powerful chip which will enable the robot to move, talk and think (as a kind of artificial brain). It would be much more nicer than having a cell phone, it would be a real companion you could have a conversation with, which can record stuffs for you, take pictures, give you its opinion...

P-S : if for some reason anyone wants to animate this I can upload the psd file with all the layers

Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: customizable, iron, brain, theme, artificial, pieces, company, graphic design, companion, tiny, future, chip, robot, intelligence, pet, metal

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