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At twenty nine I dethroned myself

Becoming the most ignorant man in the world.

As I lay filet’d with wounded will

I stared into my belly button and saw my spine-

The muscles attached to my bones flexed

As I rose against an insurmountable mountain

The peak hidden in undiscovered black skies

My skin dried to dust and fell at my feet

And to gain a better view of the pinnacle I climbed

A single step atop my dead skin sand dune

But all I knew was that I couldn’t see the top…


Days ago, the world had been mine.

I had stood with my boot upon the point

Of a mountain which now before my eyes became a hill

Before my eyes became a bump

Which I could step over while marveling

How hard it had been to climb the first time


At twenty nine I declared myself king

And went about studying God

And in studying God I studied myself

And to learn of God I learned of myself

And now Awake I wish to sleep

To dream a life I’ll wake to live

I’ll carve my kingdom with my eye

I’ll don my crown which is my smile

My waxing will will have its way

It just may take until twenty nine and a day.

Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: 29, aging, god, birthdays, obstacles, free-verse, king, birthday, kingdom, poetry, imagery, willpower, mountains, change, peak, tao, obstacles and opportunities, consciousness, mythology, growing up, growth, crown, dreams, dream

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