The Effigy (#28)

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These twenty eight years,

But fits of psyche.

A flittering bulb:

Infinite-partial realization.

Perturbed upon birth

By DNA denigrating demagogues.

I rejected it in a fell swoop,

And have wandered through the woods

Some fourteen years now

Only to wonder

How much deeper the plunge

Should I have let my foundation

Be carved from wood that was given to me

Should I have built my frame with materials that were here before me,

Yet will never be as old as I.

That timber was not my blood-

Heavy assigned lumber burden,

No, all waters pointed deeper.

I chose promethean defiance and ignorance

Long hours dreaming creation

Sparks bursting from my fingertips

To illuminate a few inches farther

The untrodden path into the bowels of the mystery-mistake-lined labyrinth.

Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: changes, taoism, growth, dreams, mythology, consciousness, myth, change, poetry, tao, poem, conscious, prometheus, labyrinth, psyche, aging, society, birthdays, non-fiction, free-verse, birthday

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