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I saw regular joes idea about a girl in the future with advance technology and it made me start thinking. So I was going through some of my old incomplete stories and I found one from about two years ago I think would go well with the future collab. 


It's a little different from what joe purposed.


its about a teenage girl, but she's a robot, with the appearance of a human. Highly intellgent.  she begins to start wanting what the humans have. She wants to love. Being a robot, that kinda hard to do, since they are not created for this reason. They are created to assist human in everyday activites.( cooking, cleaning, helping with school work etc.)

but with humans being content with just using robots like a household item, and treating them that way, she feel like she can not express the feelings and thoughts she has, because she is told she isn't allowed to feel that way, (because she a robot).



This is just a idea,brainstorming.

Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: future, feelings, tech, idea, robot, brainstorming, technology, feeling, girl, love, teen

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