A Sonnet for Silence (10 MWC #91)

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Silence is something to hear

It brings me sweet relief, 

But it also induces fear.

It can make me question beliefs.

Silence is my constant friend

Carried with me where e'er I go.

In my heart it will stay until the end

When it's learned all I know.

Silence has been and always will be there. 

Even when the world grows too loud

It drags me, it lifts me up with care

As though I'm alone on a cloud.

        Silence is my one true companion;

        Find her and you'll find my fanion.


fanion- a small flag used by surveyors or soldiers to mark a position

Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: heart, poetry, friend, theme, sonnet, prose, silence, companionship, quiet, metered

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