Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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This is an idea for a short story in the episode RE: THE FUTURE

I was thinking a narrative would work well for this. The story opens to an old man on the top of a burning building. The fire is rising all around him. As he contemplates what he thinks to be his inevitable death, he relfects on his life and the past. He thinks about the impact he's made on the world (I'm thinking he can have made some wacky invention).

Then, just as he accepts his fate, the firemen come and put the safety net/trampoline thing they use into the man's jumping path. The man then thinks that he's done everything in his life that he can think of. He can't think of himself contributing any more to the future.

He tries to think about whether he should jump into the safety net or die then.

At the end he decides to jump, because he realizes all the decisions we make, even though we may not know it, affect someone somewhere. There is never too much good that one person can do.

Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: legacy, death, impact, decision

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