What are we looking forward to?

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What will the future be like? What do we think it will look like? What do I think it might be?

Well I'm glad I asked... I say...

One possible option is that technology is just a large contrabution to the end of the world... after our cool futuristic world with telephone polls converting oxygen like trees do, and advertising using holographic type technology, theres some sort of power serge that ends the world or at least civilization... The world is thrown into the dark ages and after a few years people live in tribes again. Knowledge of past civilizations has been erased due to the lack of paper usage. Only some tribes are thriving off the books that some people saved... Others turn to scavengers and know less of what the world used to be. All that is left are the fabrics we inviented instead of out natural resources. people making clothes of plastic bags, tiveck, armour of soda cans, and left over kitchen supplies. But it works we slowly are growing back to where we were, we have years ahead of us, but it's happening. We have people trying to travel from Califoria to New York or Florida to Washington... Canada to Panama... From China to Greece, from Australia to.. the other side of Australia... But what has the world become in places we have never been? Some people in their lives never left their home towns.. Has geology shifted the world? Neighborhoods turning into jungles of collapsed telephone poles; overgrown with earth taking back where it shouyld be? Getting lost in jungle-cities, walking through desert-seas... Can we now walk to China? Did people forget how big or small the world is? Did we end up building a large biodome that covered areas or the world that now malfunctions causing shifts in gravity or weathern patterns? What is a squish, or a flurrle? what has nature become with evolution? Did some humans decide to devolve? Are we afraid of an apocalypse? There have been several movies made recently about a apocalyptic or post apocalyptic future.

What would any of the things I talked about look like?

Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: apocalypse, post apocalyspe, fiction, future, beginning of new era, end of times

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