Madame McFrawley's warning to Henry

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Original letter from Henry:

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Mr. Wood,

The entirety of my responsibility as a medium is to relay to you the messages I receive. Remember, you sought my advice -- I did not willingly seek your company, nor would anyone else I know. Additionally, your ill-intentioned misspelling of my name has only further raised the hackles of the restless spirits.

I shall not be held responsible for the consequences should you refuse to heed the warnings I have given you. Mind you, these warnings come not from me, but from those beyond this earthly realm. You may laugh to your ailing heart's content, but that will not diminish the dire importance of my message.

The spirit guides have spoken. To make amends before your day of passing, you must go or be taken to visit the grave sites of the three deceased individuals whom you most severely wronged during their lives. (You admit that you know who they are.) There, you must pour out your genuine apologies, if it is indeed possible for you to offer anything genuine at all.

Mark my word, Mr. Henry A. Wood. If you do not go to them, they shall certainly come to YOU!

Sincerely not yours,

Madame McFrawley

P.S.: The only way to make your money clean now (as your wife's future money) is to launder it spiritually. My accountant will be in touch regarding this procedure.

P.P.S.: I do NOT wear a WIG!

Created: Apr 19, 2014

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