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I think

Colors melt into visions

that drip like honey

into Ideas and Ideals

who swirl around my head

like a hot breath caught

thick in a Crystal Ball.

Times like these

I like Left better than Right,

it feels more like a

Dive into the Universe,

a rollerblade off of Neptune's rings

Ricocheting like a pinball

between clutters of constellations.

My Wings work better

when I’m dancing with the clouds,

Dipping into dove feathers and

Twisting on the brink of the cotton mist.

My movement makes sheets

of crystalline light

Fall off the clouds and

Shatter into jagged fragments of

stained glass on the marble below.


I try to Tiptoe,

not even touch the ground

Around the shatters

and be careful not to fall through the cracks,

because then I’ll be Gone,

Gone Down

with my gut whistling into my windpipe

and my feet pounding thin air

Until I splash into the cosmos,

Spraying stars into the sky.

Twist my fingers around

One of the pinpoints of light

resting in the inky midnight

so that it falls from my fingers

Into my palm.

It twinkles like a wind chime

Caught on the daybreak of

a new Morning.

Sunbeams send

Spiderweb cracks

running through night’s navy

Pottery bowl

Until it Shatters like a mirror

of the Sea,

sending hot white light

rushing beneath my eyes.

When my back arches

and my toes lift up,

I see myself standing on the

Edge of Today,

Where the Sidewalk Ends,

On the cusp of Reality.

One step,

one step forward,

and my sleep can no longer offer




Created: Apr 19, 2014

Tags: imagery, dreamwalk, dream, poetry

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