Why People May Fear the Dark

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The dark can be scary because one's sense of site is not at its full potential. The night is where our species is vulnerable because of this. It makes the night an uncertain place that could have negative surprises that we would not have time to react to properly because of our impaired vision. We also have fantastical brains that allow us to determine outcomes of situations before we are in them. When we are in the fearful state while in the darkness, the heightened stress of the situation could cause our fantastical brain to dream up all kinds of scenarios of unexpected things that could happen to us. For kids it could be monsters or creepy crawlies under the bed. For adults it could be fear of break-ins, ghosts, or an attack while one is asleep. Sometimes we get carried away by these thoughts end up with the feeling of the creeps at night.






Created: Apr 19, 2014

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