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Your words are filed with poison

And reflect the darkness of you heart

You really are shadow person

That wants nothing more than see people get hurt

You enjoy the suffering of your fellow men and women

You like nothing more then diminishing them

And you use every trick in order to achieve this

You either say a word

Or you make a hint

Or you point at someone

And you make everyone visible

To a problem that someone wants to forget

You really are a shadow person

You believe that everything is everybody else’s fault

That you are perfect

That there is a plot against you

Everyone is your enemy

While in truth you are your own enemy

You believe that everyone hates you

While you hate everybody

You project the feelings that you have towards the world in you

That’s why your hair is so black

That’s why your eyes are so dark

You really are a shadow person

A child of the dark

Created: Apr 18, 2014

Tags: request, story, free-verse, theme

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