The Darks not so bad, just misunderstood.

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Sometimes, people are more afraid of the light than the dark, the dark covers you from the constant flaws of the world we live in and society, or even so your surroundings, and it conceals them from your knowing eyes, temporarily. When the light does come it shows all the bad, which once was hidden, presented in front of you with no escape. We like to stereotypically want to 'escape' from the dark but the roles have never been reversed where we want to escape the light. I think certain people can find comfort in the dark, due to the fact people cannot see you or you cannot see them or even yourself for that matter. It's just you and your thoughts. No judgmental looks and preconceptions.

You can think more clearly in the dark than you can ever among the light. So how can you truly be guided by the 'light' when all you see around you on a daily basis can cloud your judgement? The dark for me is the world's metaphorical safety blanket. 

Created: Apr 18, 2014


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