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I have a couple of ideas for The Number 2 theme: Second HR on TV Season

First idea: We can interview our parents, grandparents, couples that are still together and ask them to share their story with us, how they meet, when, if it was love at first sight, and also we can ask them about: what they think is the key to a happy marriage? What they think is the principal reason why they are still together? What are the ingredients for a long marriage? Why they think they complement each other so well?

Second idea: We can make a segment where we talk about famous couples: Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, etc. or we can create fictional couples, writers can create a story for a fictional couple, then illustrators, animators, musicians, everyone could be able to create records according to all these non-fictional and fictional couple’s stories.

Created: Apr 18, 2014

Tags: ideas, hr on tv, collab, season 2, number 2

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