NO! Not a Claritin

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No, not a Claritin
Passing time reading there and back again
But you see the road the El Dorado is yellow brick in which we travel to paint the town red
Just hold your breath and turn blue like I said
See yourself while you’re versus the mirror
Its ancient anemographs in action changing from lips to beak to talons
While streaks in the sky signaling bad omens
Red comets and purple people picking picky eaters
Plucked from picturesque photographs with torrent seeders writhing for the spectrographs
No need to open your mouth for conversation
If only to amuse me with what Netflix movie or new TV show you watched
Time wasted, I could never care less
Test it by sparking dumbfounded staunch
With unnecessary squawk-squawks, not time for the small talk
Just show me how to walk
Screw new software I want new hardware
Tech-geek at heart
Rather know the transfer rate of that there HDR
Reading a million lines about new Google tech getting torn apart
From the first time going mobile see behind the life’s curtains just like Sartre

Created: Apr 18, 2014

Tags: poem a day, story, ped, 04/18/2014, poetry, free-verse, lyrics

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