more than two/rejecting the binary (Re: The Number 2)

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Would be amazing to make an animation that kind of explores/summaries the development of theories surrounding the notion of binary opposites.

What springs to mind is gender theory but it can also be applied to things like race, sexuality etc etc but mainly related to the theme of identity and how we identify ourselves.

For those who don't know much about the theories I'll try to explain using gender as an example but there's a youtube video here ( - it's called Spectrums. by HeyThere005) that explains it a whole lot better & the world map picture at the end I just absolutely love. 

The boring theory bit here (scroll for the fun animation ideas if you've watched the video/already know):

So how could this work in an animation?

Well we basically wanna word the theory better so request for writers to do that and get a funky little voice over to go alongside graphics to demonstrate.

These are obviously just bare bones and I was thinking we could also frame it with video shots of people at the beginning saying what they are according to the binary's (especially people who wouldn't fit might be cool to get some cross dressed or mixed race people etc saying they have to be male/female, black/white according to binary) and then end it with people identifying as all different kinds of things.

Sorry to ramble but there's so many ways this could go & having just finished a Literary theory module on binaries it's kind of all I can think about! 

Created: Apr 18, 2014

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