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Just some rough ideas:


From Humberfloob's Thoughts on Illuminar's Idea RECord based on Illuminar's Film Noir/1950's Detective Movie asking for ideas and possible ways to take it.  

What about a twist on the whole thing where by the detective is a woman and instead of a femme fatale we have a homme fatale?


So we have  the woman narrating the story, and talking about the gorgeous guy that came into her office and how though she could tell the guy was trouble, there was something about him and she knew, against her better judgement, she had to help him.


To bring in the "Dark Room" element from Matt Conley's submission and incorporating Humberfloob's "Dark Room" perhaps the story could revolve around a stolen role of film and throughout the story we see different pictures as they develop in the dark room.

Created: Apr 18, 2014

Tags: mystery, fiction, film noir, dark, dark room, theme, thriller, remix, detective

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