The burial of my totem

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As I walked through a magical place called “The Botanic Garden” in Merida city, Venezuela, I saw this little flower (I think you guys call it dandelion) and I grabbed it to take a closer look. It just called my attention.

"I have never seen one of this before", I said to my friends. They were just walking around don't paying attention to what was going on in my head. But I was fascinated by this beautiful flower. And then I thought: "Wait, I just took this living-gorgeous part of a plant right from its home. It was there, happy, sharing with the other flowers, and I just grabbed it for the hell of it. ¡And that’s what we do! Humans... We get into places where anyone or anything wants us to be and just stay there or destroy the place.

-Oh, no, I don't do that.

I'm not trying to make you feel bad about being you. But there was a time in everyone's childhood when we got face to face with an ant colony and just thrashed it, for the hell of it.

Well, when I realized what I did to the flower, those toughs came to me. I remembered everything. You see, I used to go to my grandfather's farm in holydays. I loved being in there. But I was evil to animals, to plants, and I knew, in the bottom of my child's heart, it was wrong, but I just kept doing it. So, when I realized what I did to the flower, I said to myself: "You have to take care of it, man. You have to carry it all day, until you feel it’s really dead, until you feel nothing in your hand". So, with my camera on one hand and the flower on the other hand, and the day just starting, I managed to take some pictures of the others plants and structures that were living there, in that mystical garden, until I gave the totem a well-deserved burial, in the lagoon...

Created: Apr 18, 2014

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