my second chance at friendship

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All say there is something a second time, but I had the chance to relive that old friendship I thought lost.

I was applying to enter high school, I remember sitting in the waiting room before the exam, I felt really lonely; but then I turned to the door and suddenly there she was, my best friends from kindergarten and primary there was a long time I didn’t see her, I think it was two years since I saw her, at first I had not recognized.

In 2 years someone changes a lot.

Amount After looking at each other for seconds, which to be honest seemed like hours, we smile, as if those 2 years never happen, we started talking, about everything and nothing.

We present the exam, and we talk until my parents show up, to pick me up, then I didn’t see her; until the day we enter to school, I was so happy that she was there to. Since then we became inseparable. Today we have 18 years of sharing everything, joys and sorrows, victories and defeats.

I believe in second chances, because once we separated, but our paths become one again and the second time I enjoy it even more, she is everything to me.

Created: Apr 18, 2014

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