in a different tongue

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once we had a tower,
a place made from the secrets
we could only share with each other,
once upon a time.

we built it slowly, small revelations
accepted like smooth stones,
in a river of whiskey, in a pool of wine,
the tongues became looser,
and we continued to build,
some rooms shaped by your history,
some hollowed by my fears.

together we made a testament
to scars, to bones, to blood.

i should have read the book closer,
if you had believed
we would have been ready
or seen our idolatry.

the desert winds come
no matter how thick the walls.

the fires came
burnt us to the ground.

now you speak in a language
of words to keep me at bay
you see my prints in your scars.
when those fade, will you keep
anything of me?

fire took not only the tower
but our heavy past

sometimes i miss our days
inside cool smoothness,
but i can't explain it now
in a different tongue.

Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: secrets, remix, babel, fiction, story, free-verse, poetry

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