Surviving a Power Outage (rough concept)

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First, we see…

Older Generation

- Int. Living Room…husband is reading a newspaper; wife is reading a novel (the couple is either middle-aged or elderly)

- Power goes out.

- the couple tries to find a flashlight; it takes them a little while.

Husband says: “It’s so dark, I think we’ll need a flashlight to find a flashlight.”

- wife lights candles, instead

- the couple enjoy a quiet evening without any electrical distractions

Then, we see…

Younger Generation

- a young couple, in their 20s or 30s, is sitting in the kitchen, directly seated from each other.

- both are typing texts on their cell phones; their eyes are glued to the screens

- the power goes out

- female says, “Honey, I think the power just went out.”

- male replies, “Yeah…It’s storming.”

- female says, “Don’t you think we better find some sort of lights or something?”

- male replies, “What’s the rush?” holds up phone “I’m fully charged.”

- the two resume typing on their cell phones

NOTE: This outline is just a seed of a plant. Feel free to grow it further. ;)

Created: Apr 17, 2014

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