Soul Eater

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Everybody grab a number two pencil
This is a standardized test in which you all will dwindle
Floating towards nothing spinning on a single spindle
In the center of our galaxy the Milky Way so nimble
Let’s take nibbles and be as gentle as we claw away its treble
The universe will now tremble in the sight of and eater
Before the big bang you ask so eager, let’s take a breather
Waiting for the next chance to face the reaper, take her scythe then beat her
What we do we say to death, not today?
I got a decent head on my shoulders don’t you?
Sing it with me like you are singing some tunes
I will never be anything but me

Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: poem a day, eater of souls, poe trees, souls, be yourself, poetry each day, soul eater, free-verse, lyrics, poetry

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