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In between

In the middle of nowhere

Between two roads (which one to choose?)

Between two people (choosing one or another): When you love two people at the same time and you have to choose or losing both of them. Choosing between mom or dad (divorce).

Between the good and the bad: When you have to make a choice that depending which one, you will hurt one person or another (or more).

There is not black or white, there are a lot of greys in between

Between two worlds (or even more): When you feel you don’t belong to one world, but you are connected to many at the same time, but not belonging entirely to anyone of them.

Between life and death: When you are very ill, almost dying, but something is holding you tight still to life.

Crossing a path between to big walls at it sides.

When you have to separate two people who are fighting, you are in between. In the middle of a fight. The referee.

The big black hole that cross between us that not let us be together.

The frontiers between our countries, oceans and seas.

The wall between us (Berlin’s old wall).

Between the moon and the sun there are many stars among the sky.

Created: Apr 17, 2014

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