The cutest story

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A poem a day (day 17)  

This poem is based off of my real first love.



We could have had the cutest story,

Both you and I.

Meeting in elementary school and falling in love in junior high.

Even when we were miles apart,

The love in our hearts never broke

It would have be amazing to tell our kids

How we were so young and determined.

Determined to be together no matter what,

Even when the odds were up against us.

We could have been amazing together a never ending love.

Why did you have to go and screw it all up?

Why did you have to lie and cheat,

Everything you needed was right here with me.

I gave you my heart, my love and time.

And in return you just broken my heart, lost my love and wasted my time.

I hope some day you'll find what you need.

It just hurts that you couldn't find it in me.

Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: young love, love, young, days, time, heart, lost, poetry

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