Predatory (LaraMinerva)

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105 BPM


I totally imagine this as another play-on Little Red Riding Hood....the wolf isn't really a wolf, just a boy who has broken Red's heart.  She sees him every once in a while, watching her, and she makes believe he is not there.

You look, I turn away

Again, our never-ending sway

Predatory, your eyes in my neck

My body, in flames that you set

Successfully, I pretend

That we never met

We never met

Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: predatory, ped, poem every day, poems, text, prose, rhymes, rhythm, piano, vocals, ballad, slow, sad, melancholy, break up, laraminerva, re: strangers, song, stem, art of breaking up, tiny tune, tiny song, small song, short song, bittersweet, pop, vocal, piano, remix, isolated audio, lexischerr, lexi scherr, same story different ending, female vocal, female vocals, female vox, vox, little red riding hood, mirtle, 105 bpm, 4/4

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