Dark & Light: A Love Story

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Dark thought he was all alone

that nothingness was his only home

He wander far and questioned his worth

then saw a flash upon the earth


Light was dancing on the trees

she twirled and tossed throughout the breeze

but she was blind and did not know 

the mighty power of her glow


She wished that she could see her form

and know for what she had been born

She wanted to know why it felt so right

to dance and sing throughout the night


Dark fell in love with Light

He saw her glow fill up his sight

He watched her movement, struck in awe

Yet Light was blind to what he saw


Dark moved closer to the trees

and upon the back of the next breeze

Light descended into his embrace

and she felt a new sensation hold her grace


Light saw the Dark in a blinding flash

their love rose up like a phoenix in ash

Because of Dark, Light's heart could soar

to places that she had never seen before


Now the Dark shines bright

And our hearts give thanks

for we now know of LOVE

through their great moondance. 




Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: love story, poem, moondance, balance, dark and light, yin yang, re: the dark collab, toryelena

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