Interview with a Shadow (The Dark collab)

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RuebenSVV…one of our HitRECorders from Great England…has asked me to interview a shadow…any shadow.

Well, my shadow is currently unavailable for an interview, so I’ve talked Skatebard’s Shadow into sitting down for a little tête-à-tête, as we say here in Texas. Except it sounds more like tet-a-tet.

Me: Welcome to tonight’s show, Skatebard’s Shadow…may I call you SS?

SS: I guess.

Me: Wow…you sound a little down in the dumps, SS.

SS: It’s not easy being her shadow.

Me: Tell me about it…I mean…tell me about it?

SS: She never asks if I want to do anything. She just does it and drags me along. You know, just a little common courtesy…like “would you like to go for a walk today, shadow?...would be nice.

Me: Yeah…it’s not like you just jump up and start walking and dragging HER along.

SS: Exactly.

Me: Anything else?

SS: Sometimes when we’re walking, this other shadow comes along…I suppose it’s YOUR shadow…and tries to…touch me.

Me: Sorry folks, that’s all we have time for…

SS: And, at night, when y’all leave the lights on…excuse me, I think I’m going to be sick now.

Me: Back to you, Regular Joe!

Created: Apr 17, 2014


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