in the dark, we are - Poem Every Day (Day 12)/RE: The Dark

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in cream-colored hallways
lit with sterile, blue-white
fluorescent light,
our footsteps tap on linoleum
as we pass each other like strangers
forcing our glances down
crossing our arms in front of us
to avoid reaching out
and trying hard not to revel in the scent the other leaves behind.
we ignore the way our mouths water
the shiver that sticks hair on end
the way muscle memory makes me want to curl into
and around

we are unfamiliar,
we are separate,
we are cold.

and i wait
for the sun to sink
the lights to flicker off
to reach for you in a room
where i cannot see your face
but can feel it,
your mouth to my eyes
my jaw
my collar
your fingers, exploring the swell of my hips
the curve of my waist
dipping into the soft, secret places of my body.
and my fingers,
as they tangle in your hair to pull your face to mine
so i can breathe in the sighs you let out.

we are together.
in the dark,
we are one.

Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: sex, body, dark, light

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