The Story of Dark - RE: The Dark Collab

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A long long time ago, before there was day and night, there were two brothers, Dark and Light, who when they were young were as close as any brothers that ever lived.


Always together, they would roam the lands side by side, creating a wonderful mix of darkness and brightness mixing together as they ran and played as young boys do.


For many years Dark and Light remained close, more than brothers they were best friends. As they grew so did their powers, which they were able to use to spread darkness and brightness over greater and greater distances.

They would compete to see who could throw their effects the furthest and all was peaceful….


That is until they both fell in love with Wind, the maiden who with a whisper could rustle the leaves in the trees, or blow a gale to whip up the seas.


The brothers who had once been so close, now became bitter rivals and fought all the time, wreaking havoc across the lands and terrifying the mortals and animals who lived there.


They fought more and more violently until the mortals could stand it no more and beseeched the gods to intervene and stop the constant fighting between the brothers Dark and Light.


When the gods saw the damage that had been caused by the brothers they were enraged. They threw a lightning bolt to split the two brothers apart then banished them to opposite ends of the world so they could fight no more.

And though they would never meet again, they stare at each other across the world, the eye of Dark we can see we know as the moon, and the eye of Light is the Sun.


And sometimes, when regret overcomes them for the love and friendship they have lost we can see their tears shoot across the sky.

Created: Apr 17, 2014

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