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The dark is only THE dark because light exists.

We enjoy bright days becaue we know that the night is gonna arrive. And with no light, we have no vision. Since we're 90% visually dependent (here we're talking about sighted people), being in the dark is loosing our references... our visual references... Without light we - not used living in the dark - are lost.

We can also have an "inside dakness". In English we say that we're "blue".(Oh well, very dark navy blue then.... Because bright sky blue is bright !) We can only detect this darkness from the inside when we have already had some brighness inside. Otherwise how could we make this discernment between what is dark and bright ? Why the darkness is related to the sadness and the brightness to the happiness ? Blind people live in the dark. But that doesn't mean they've never met "brightness": bright moments, bright feelings, bright people. To them, dark is bright since they're always in the dark even when they're experiencing the brightness of life ! 

Here dark and bright are no longer related to the light but to the feelings ; they're no longer related to the sight but to the other senses. We can have a huge moment of inside brightness when we hear a beautiful sound (or a beautiful voice, like Joseph Gordon-Levitt's). A nice smell that reminds us about the great pie that our grandma used to make on those Sunday afternoons or the cupcakes that we used to make at our friend's place when trying to avoid doing our homeworks after school. Its warm softness, its delightful sweetness and the peasant (and pleasant) belgium chocolate taste. That's also brightness. And being in the darkness would be the days when we have no hope of doing that anymore. But even, we already know the good feeling of it so we're conscient that being without it is being in the dark.

Someone that has never loved can't say that they're unhappy because they don't love anyone. But once they do, they discover darkness when their hearts are broken for the first time. 

Darkness only exists because we know the light. And we know how life is prettier when the sun is shining ! Or when a good lighting architect takes care of the environement ;)

Have a very dark night so you can be happy when the brightness come ;)

Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: thoughts, essay

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