The Darkness of Fear

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It is total darkness, nothing to see, nothing to feel, nothing for guidance.

Everything is lost, nothing can be found, no proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It seems like it has been forever, but a light eventually appears in the distance.

Things are beginning to seem brighter, but it is revealed that the small glimmer of light, hope, was illuminating a massive billboard.

Trying to ignore this pathetically blatant attempt at being attention grabbing, behind the first billboard is a never-ending line of advertisements playing supposedly catchy jingles and accessorized with mutli-coloured neon lights, spinning and whirling every direction.

Running by them makes everything seem dizzy, until it becomes too much, the only option seems to be to go to the lights, give in to the advertisements.

Everything is spinning, everything becomes blurry, and then everything is gone. The advertisements are gone, along with any light. Darkness reigns supreme.

Suddenly, a piercing set of red eyes appears. It’s the only thing visible.

As with the advertisements, running could prove to be fruitless, even draining.

Is it time to give in and just accept that this predator will be the breaking point, creating darkness where no light will ever be found?

The eyes get closer and closer, but after cowering in fear, those vicious eyes turn into the eyes of the most beautiful person.

Like the presence of an angel, a beautiful light surrounds this person.

Trying to grab this person in an attempt to kiss them, the person moves backwards.

Continuously reaching out for this person, they keep moving away, a look of despair persuading the pursuit to a sprint.

Trying to call out to this person, no words or sounds escape a moving mouth.

The sprint is brought to a dead stop when a hole materializes, and an endless plunge begins as the most beautiful person ever evades shouting distance.

At the last sight of that person, directly ahead are a lion and a lioness.

A circular light appears, and the lions begin to circle, devising their plan, eyes fixed on their target.

Trying to be strong and hold ground, the lionesses’ strength is unmatched as her paws make it hard to breath pressed against a chest with a pounding heart.

Looking up into the lionesses’ eyes, the lion opens his mouth to a ferocious size, turning the lion ring into darkness, as he engulfs all light.

After trembling in fear, the lions have disappeared, only to be replaced with two adults, resembling parents, both pointing and shouting, dressed in military fatigues.

A light behind the parents appears. Pushing them out of the way, a grab at the shoulders halts the process of grabbing what appears to be a hockey stick.

Looking back, the parents are now red in the face, steam and smoke pour out of their ears, their shouting compares to the noise of a boiling tea kettle.

Behind the parents, thousands upon thousands of eerie figures float around, faceless and nameless, only their ghostly outline and white empty eyes are visible.

Speech bubbles appear in the thousands with sayings like, “You’ll never make you. You aren’t good enough,” and “Quit while your ahead, loser.”

Trying to escape the clutches of the parents, with much effort, an outstretched arm grabs the glowing hockey stick.

The luminosity causes the parents and ghostly figures to disappear. But emptiness, loneliness, and silence still loom.

They linger, creating one of the most awkward feelings of this terrible ordeal.

Suddenly, a massive light appears below. Slowly drifting downwards towards the light, a hockey rink is revealed.

With skates on and a puck below, a goalie is protecting the far net. Beginning the skate towards the goalie, a figure appears, matching every stride.

In front of the goalie, passing the puck away, the unknown figure passes it back, and the net is wide open for an easy goal. A red light begins to flash, signifying the goal.

Celebrating with the unknown figure underneath the goal light behind the net, the unknown player removes their helmet.

The hockey arena disappears, along with the eternal blackness that seemed to engulf the world that all those fears occupied.

The same player just playing hockey is standing there, removing a blindfold, revealing a set of massive doors, bright lights above the doors.

“Ready for some fun?” The friend opens the doors to reveal a small group of friends, all dressed in different, eccentric colours. “Surprise,” everyone yells.

Everyone is smiling, luminously. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Sometimes, our friends can help us through the toughest times in our life, the times that seem unrecoverable, the times we think will never be bright again.

Happy, smiling faces can be all the light one needs to be happy again. Surround yourself with happy people who believe in you and don’t discourage you.

Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: happiness, fiction, fear, darkness, emptiness, dark, light, story

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