Afraid of the Dark?

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I was not exactly afraid of the dark when I was a kid. I liked shutting all the doors and ensuring complete darkness because I believed if I could not see something creepy in the night than it could not see me. I was still scared that things were creeping in the night such as ghosts.


Something that did scare the heck out of me was the darkness and thunderstorm combo. I think because I lived in a creepy hundred year old farm house that storms at night were terrifying. The three windows in my second story room whistled loudly and the glass panes shook and rattled violently during the storm gusts and wind. I did not have curtains so lighting would light up my whole room. I had a bunch of trees outside my window and sometimes sticks and debris from the trees would smack into the windows and make me jump. I also grew up in the Midwest so I was always scared a tornado would come thundering through at night and suck me away in my creaky old farm house. I would usually surround myself with stuffed animals and hide under the blankets during storms when I was a little kid.


I think the darkness created an uncertainty about what was going to happen during the night time storms. When you go to sleep during this time you are vulnerable to possible uncontrollable phenomena such as broken windows or tornados. I think this is what creates the fear.





Created: Apr 17, 2014

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