BIBLE’S BABEL BABBLE (or: Language’s Chapter 11)

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The incident at Babel was a gift

and not the punishment

it seemed at first.

It gave the human spirit a great lift.

Despite our brief confusion,

we’re not cursed.

A plethora of languages

expands our concept of the world

in which we live and spurs our desire

to understand new paradigms.

To receive and to give translations

from other times and nations

means that we must reach approximations,

make allowance for interpretations,

even extrapolate new creations.

Though humbling,

it is good to know

that we cannot express,

in one tongue,

all we see.



Poet's note: The biblical story of the Tower Of Babel, is actually the eleventh chapter of the Bible.  Since it is in essense the story of the impoverishment of human understanding or when language was "bankrupted," I felt it was appropriate to subtitle this "Language's Chapter 11."


Created: Apr 17, 2014

Tags: hidden form sonnet, poetry, metered

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